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Discount Southend Airport Taxi & Transfers

Welcome to David's Southend Airport Taxi & Transfers

In the 30 years I have been a licensed taxi driver in Southend-on-Sea, I have noticed that customers can be confused about the prices they are charged. There are often extra charges for luggage and several passengers, for public holidays and waiting times. If people could be sure of their travel prices they could include them in their budget before they left home, satisfied that there would be no increase.

Like all people, I’d rather travel in less traffic, when the roads are not so busy and my Southend airport taxi business has been designed with this in mind. In these difficult economic times it is important to offer discount travel and I have thought long and hard as to how I can bring a courteous, professional, reliable taxi service to you at a discounted price.

My southend airport taxi service includes prices of travel for ‘Peak’ and ‘Off Peak’ times. In this way I can pass onto the customer savings made by not sitting in endless traffic queues!

I believe it is possible to offer a professional service in which the customer will know in advance the price of their southend airport taxi run and this will include discounts for travelling at ‘Off Peak’ times. As well as this, southend airport taxi also offers extremely competitive prices on its ‘Peak’ time journeys.

It is important that you know that I am an extremely experienced driver and that it will be me who takes you on your arranged journey. You will not be getting an anonymous driver in a questionable car. My picture is there for you to see….No surprises then!

Often taxi sites can look very formal and corporate. This southend airport taxi service is about being available for any queries at any time….you can talk to me, or if I’m asleep, my secretary. It is my aim to be available to you by phone or email…Just contact me and I will do my very best to help. Any journey, any time.

Remember, I have my driver licences, my vehicle licences, I am fully insured and I am CRB checked. Do NOT get into a car with anyone less covered. A discount service can still be safe and reliable and accountable!

Dave at Southend Airport Taxi

My Discount Airport Fares Explained

Peak & Off Peak Fares

Off Peak Price
Peak Price
Heathrow Airport **
£ 86
£ 99
Gatwick Airport * **
£ 73
£ 85
Luton Airport **
£ 79
£ 92
London City Airport * **
£ 55
£ 66
Stansted Airport **
£ 58
£ 66
Ebbsfleet Station
£ 54
£ 64
Dover Dock
£ 105
£ 121
Southampton Dock
£ 145
£ 168
Tilbury Port
£ 50
£ 60
London West End
£ 79
£ 92
Maximum number of passengers: 4 (depending on the amount of luggage)

* Discount airport taxi fares are inclusive of toll and congestion charges.

** Airport car park charges are not included (if required).

What is Peak & Off Peak?

We have all been stuck in traffic at one time or another in our lives. Considering this I have decided to split my fare prices depending on the time of day and the traffic on the roads.

Please note that it is the time of pickup that determines whether its a peak or off peak, or not.

When is Peak?

6am to 9am

2pm to 7pm

When is Off Peak?

9am to 2pm

7pm to 6am

7 Days a week and all through the night.

Where do I Pick Up From?

I will happily pick up from all of these areas at no extra cost

Wakering, Shoeburyness, Thorpe Bay, Southchurch, Southend, Westcliff, Leigh, Eastwood, Rochford, Thundersley, Daws Heath, Hadleigh, Rayleigh, Hockley, Benfleet, Canvey and Basildon

If area not on list, just ask...

I'll also meet and greet at the airport.

How to Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me anyway you feel most comfortable and I will reply to you asap and using your preferred method. I don’t mind if you, call, text, email or complete my little enquiry form below.

Call or Text Me

07504 627498

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Example Messages

"Hello, can you pick me and my brother up from Heathrow Airport at 4pm on 5th May?"

"Hi, please can I book a cab for 6am to take 4 people to Gatwick Airport. I am available anytime for your confirmation on the number submitted above."

"Could you please confirm if you are available to take me to Stansted Airport tomorrow at midday?

"I need a Southend Taxi to Gatwick Airport."

"Could you proved a Southend Taxi to Heathrow Airport."

"Can i have a quote please for a Southend Taxi to Gatwick Airport."

What my Regular Clients Say

Please click on a silhouette below to read what my regular clients say about me.

Trish's comments Trish

from Shoebury

Georgie's comments - Southend Airport Taxi Pam

from Leigh-on-Sea

Sandra's comments - Southend Airport Taxi Sandra

from Westcliff-on-Sea

Jay's comments - Southend Airport Taxi Jay


Louise's comments - Southend Airport Taxi Louise

from Benfleet

Trish's comments

Trish's Comments

David has been my reliable patient service for 5 years. Star gentlemen! Always punctual, I sometimes pre book or call on short notice and he always does his best to accommodate.

Pam's comments

Pam's Comments

Dave has driven me on long journeys for many years. He has coped with my growing infirmity with patience and kindness and our conversations have lifted the tedium out of travel.

Louise's comments

Louise's Comments

Dave takes me and my 5 year old on appointments to London hospital. We often have to stop for my little one to go to the toilet and Dave never complains. My son is always asking Dave 100 questions about what everything is inside his taxi and Dave always answers him.

Trish's comments

Jay's Comments

I regularly have to travel on board for business. Never do I consider getting any other taxi to the airport! Dave is always on time and drives nice and considerately at all times. We have also been known at times to turn the music up a little, when a song comes on the radio that we both like.

Trish's comments

Sandra's Comments

My mother had been unwell during the summer and I often had to travel to Canterbury where she lives, with short notice. Dave was very helpful and understanding and took me whenever he could. He even waited for me one time when I transferred some of my mother’s belongings to her new home.

Call or Text me - 07504 627498
Please note David drives both a Private Hire and Hackney Carriage!